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SWY Alumni Association Turkey

Turkey has participated SWY Program six times with 65 participants until now-first time in 1992 with 12 participants, second time in 1999 with 8 participants, third time in 2005 with 12 participants, fourth time in 2010 with 12 participants, fifth time in 2012 with 11 participants and sixth time in 2013 with 10 participants.



The SWYAA Turkey was established in November 2009 by Turkish ex-participants of the SWY Program. It is officially registered as an official association in September 2012.


In line with the aforementioned common SWYAA objectives and to have a positive role in the future of the SWY program in cooperation with the Japanese Government and the other Alumni Associations in 46 different countries all over the world, SWYAA Turkey aims:


- To be a bridge for the former and present participants of the SWY program from Turkey and other countries in order to foster to the spirit of friendship and international cooperation developed by SWY.

- To act as a medium of communication between the Turkish ex-PYs and the Japanese Government and to strengthen their collaboration; to facilitate Turkey’s future participations in the coming  SWY and other possible exchange programs that would further the Japanese- Turkish relations and civil dialogue between two countries.

- To connect the Turkish alumni with the other alumni all over the world to contribute to the future youth, social and peace exchange programs within Turkey and in all these countries by experience sharing and close cooperation; whenever needed, to be an information desk for the other AAs interested in carrying out projects involving Turkey. Also, to inform them about possible social and voluntary projects in Turkey and the region around it.

- To help ex-participants with their will to travel, study or work in Turkey and explore more about Turkish culture.

- To ensure the preparations of the future Turkish Delegations that will participate in SWY programs run smoothly; to transfer knowledge and share experience through presentations about the former programs during orientation and evaluation meetings.

- To facilitate and promote Turkish ex-PYs post-program activities;

- To play a positive role in the future of SWY program by promoting its values such as cross-border cooperation, mutual understanding and the like.


Board Members


President and Vice president: Gül Ekşi, Seda Yıldız
PR Committee: Mustafa Sarıyılmaz, Aslı Kemiksiz
Reporting Committee: Mustafa Sarıyılmaz, Mustafa Kemal Akbulut, Didem Tarı, Gül Ekşi
Website Committee: Mehmet Durna, Mustafa Doğan, Cemile Erkaya, Seda Yıldız


President and Vice president: Seda Yıldız, Çağlar Bektaş
PR Committee: Nilüfer Demir, Aslı Kemiksiz
Reporting Committee: Gülece Şenel, Gül Ekşi, Didem Tarı, Seda Yıldız


President and Vice president: Zeynep Korkunç, Didem Tarı


President and Vice president: Ethemcan Turhan, Nermin Özkara