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* Is it really possible?! Late LATE REGISTRATION?! =o

Dear SWYers and non-SWYers,


Thank you all for your interest and great enthusiasm for the 8th Global Assembly in Turkey.

We are so happy to have this much demand to our program!  It is a great motivation for ourselves!


Even though we reached the limits of the preconcerted capacity, we are still receiving emails and messages from you, asking for a way to join in the program.


We definitely want as much  family members as possible to join us in the great reunion. Therefore, we did our best to revise and create new options for the ones who are willing to meet us in Turkey.


Here are the news!



There is a possibility of opening the applications for both of the Official Program and the Optional Tour provided that having at least 20 new applicants for the Optional Tour.  From now on we will collect your pre-applications and in the event that we will have at least 20 pre-applications until 20th of June, we will finalize these pre-applications into registration.  

The price for the Official Program late LATE registration is TL1800 per person, including the same services.

The price for the Optional Tour late LATE registration is TL850 per person, including the same services.

If you are willing to attend the 8th Global Assembly, please send an email to swyaatr@gmail.com, informing that you are willing to join either the Official Program or the Optional Tour or both programs.


Please do not forget that if we cannot reach the number of 20 participants for the Optional Tour, this option will not be valid any more.


We hope that at least some more family members can join us to enjoy this great event.


Looking forward to meet you all!


SWYAA Turkey

GA Team