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* It's time to fill the Details From!!

Hey dear 8th GA participants!

Not much left to meet all of you and share a brand new memory as SWY family ;)
Our preparations are going great, the GA team is working on all the details to make this great reunion an unforgettable one. What about your preparations? Did you get your tickets to İstanbul? Have you checked if your batchmates are going to be there or not?

We want to remind you all that the Details Form will be available until 31 July. All the details are available from our website and, if you already got your flight tickets, you can fill the details form from this link.


Please do not forget, this form is very crucial for getting the most important information about your restrictions and arrival/departure dates&time. We do care about you and your health&comfort ;)

See you very soon ^^


SWYAA Turkey

GA Team